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Ilo arose out of consultations with several local partners, reflecting a history of experience that both Cornell and Pact have working with and developing the capacity of Malagasy institutions to improve their analytic ability and evolve toward more responsive modes of operation in both analysis and dissemination.

Cornell’s analytical team is working with two key Madagascar research institutions, who offer strong, ongoing commitment to economic analysis of poverty and agriculture, strong in-house data bases, and the best analytical talent in Madagascar:

National Research Institute of Statistics (INSTAT)
INSTAT has collected a broad spectrum of data, including large-scale household surveys that allow for analysis of changes in economic and health status of the population. Historically a collector of data, INSTAT has moved in the direction of increasing analysis of the data, employing Madagascar’s largest group of statisticians and economists. Formerly a department within the Ministry of Finance and Economy, INSTAT has become, since 1999, a quasi-governmental independent agency, an Entreprise Publique d’Intérêt Commercial (EPIC).

FOFIFA logo Center for National Agricultural Research (FOFIFA)
FOFIFA’s scientists conduct agronomic research at research stations throughout Madagascar and employs experts in agronomy, plant breeding, pest management, land tenure, livestock, and agricultural economics. Like INSTAT, FOFIFA is developing its analytical capabilities, conducting economic research on marketing, price integration, and the impacts of infrastructure and liberalization on agricultural productivity.

Photo from Madagascar
PACT has long advocated the importance of strengthening NGOs and CSOs, and is collaborating with many local organizations in Madagascar to build an integrated network for public dialogue to improve policy-making processes. PACT’s decision to work with durable institutions such as INSTAT and CITE, developing institutional capacity and demand-driven products within a strategy of cost recovery exemplifies the sustainability of this collaborative approach.

Logo for CITECentre d’Information Technique et Economique (CITE)
CITE is an independent association with 30 years of experience in information management, study and analysis, counsel, electronic support systems and publishing.

Follow this link for more information on PACT’s Ilo partners.

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